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Street Preachers Assault Mardi Gras

MOBILE, ALABAMA- Street preachers from all over the United States converged upon Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana for the Most Asinine Riotously Depraved Infidel’s Gay Rebellion And Sin festival of the year. Street Preachers Fellowship Cabinet members Dan Gowen, Stephen McRae, Greg Davis and the Director joined with some of the finest men to ever have to die with, or go to jail with in America to preach to the hundreds of thousands of daily degenerate drunkards and sodomites attending the annual Mardi Gras festivals. Twenty four soldiers of the cross surrounding one million drunks from the inside, and not a man flinching.

“Men that have hazarded their lives
for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
-Acts 15:26

Under the able leadership of Brother Rueben Israel SPF Statewide Director from California, that small band of preachers, waded into the throngs of maddening, riotous drunkards, whores, sodomites and fornicators, preaching the word of God, with signs following, “terrible as an army with banners” (Song of Solomon 6:4, 10).

Street Preachers with Backs against the Wall
“Stand and Fight the good Fight”

SPF Director Ron McRae, with three other cabinet members made the trip south, meeting first with Brothers Kevin Deegan, Scott Bowman, and Al Rodriguez on Sunday in Mobile, Alabama to preach to the thousands gathered for drunkenness, revelry and riot. Though not as numerous as New Orleans, eight men were able to put to flight ten thousand. Marching into the throng with banners waving, the five street preachers could barely gain their way down the street to where they set up preaching in the midst of an intersection, and were quickly aligned on two sides of the intersection by Mobile Policeman on horseback, and foot, with riot gear to protect them from the drunken mobs that quickly formed around them. Utilizing Brother Greg Davis’ preaching stool, they mounted quickly and began to preach with banners waving. Here the crowd was more subdued, much to the credit of the Mobile Police Department, which soundly pounded several hecklers and drunks. One poor slosh, after being warned by the mounted horse supervisor to leave, was soundly drug away by the nap of his neck when he lunged twice into SPF Director McRae during the preaching, attempting to get to preacher that was speaking.

Cabinet Adviser Greg Davis preaching in Mobile

Though the streets were filled with revelers when the street preachers marched into their midst, after an hour of preaching, there remained only a few hundred, with the usual number of liberal, drunk “Christians” remaining late to argue with the street preachers over “driving people away from Christ”.

On Monday, all traveled to New Orleans, joining with Brother Reuben Israel, who for 18 years has taken to the streets of New Orleans at Mardi Gras. Brother Kevin Deegan from Buffalo, Bruce Perrault, Dave Hance and Ted Snyder from Rochester, New York; Brothers Al Rodriguez, Grant Chisholm and Terry O’Neil from Texas, along with Brother Mark Diener and Jerry Fennell from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and “Cowboy” Scott Bowman from Tennessee who alternated between Street Preacher, body blocker and human bull dozer. SPF Director McRae with Dan Gowen and Stephen McRae were new to Mardi Gras, and found the customary recon hit and run ambushes difficult to adjust to for long winded street preachers. Fortunately, Brother Israel was gracious enough, if the Anabaptists were crazy enough to venture down into Bourbon street, to allow the liberty to frontal attack the masses in the very heart of their open depravity. Venturing into the throng, “those three” (2 Samuel 23:16-19) discovered one boarded up store front in the middle of Bourbon Street, that allowed them to stand with their backs against a brick wall for protection from behind. And standing upon their rolling pulpit box, they began “holding forth the word of life”, and as anticipated, were quickly boxed in and surrounded on three sides. O, these are the greatest days to be a preacher of the gospel!! There is not one Fundamental gas bag stand for shew that equals the wonder and power of God, when three men stand for Christ in the midst of 4,000 who don’t.

As the preaching began, so began the fuselage assault upon the preachers, with beer cans, bottles and thousands of necklace beeds being thrown at a mighty rate, so that within 30 minutes of beginning to preach, the sidewalk beneath the preacher’s feet was three inches deep in debris being flung at them. But O, how they preached! And as they preached, they prayed, and after two hours of continual preaching “in defense of the gospel”, down the midst of Bourbon Street came God’s Bright Light reaction force, with banners waving, to help reinforce their Brethren in the midst of the angry mob. It is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation that Brothers Kevin Deegan and Scott Bowman can physically plow through the thickest mob to reach their Brethren in need.

20 year old Stephen McRae preaching in “The Valley of Decision”

It was reported by some who witnessed the same, “Those preachers are about near causing a riot down there on Bourbon Street. But God helping them, they sure can preach!” Ever dodged a beer bottle for God? Though many were thrown, only two found any kind of a mark, with Brother Grant Chisholm taking a full, unopened can in the cheek, thrown like a baseball; and Stephen McRae taking a bottle launched from a balcony at Brother Rueben Israel, which was deflected off the top of the young man’s head, leaving a good size knot, but the lad rubbed it off, and carried on. Brother Grant was hit the hardest, but it only interrupted his preaching for about 10 seconds. Said SPF Director concerning Brother Grant, “Praise God, that young man can preach! You get him mad, and he can literally preach 500 people back ten feet, and hold them there!”

Are there no soldiers of God, who are rusting away in their armor at the First Church of Laodecia, doing something that others would do if they left it, and came out into the highways to fight for Jesus Christ against sin and depravity beyond description?