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SPF Members Arrested

Johnstown, PA- Several members were arrested for their Open Air preaching over the last week, in three different states, highlighting the importance of, as well as the guidance of God in the timing of the organization of the Street Preachers Fellowship. Both Eastern District Directors were arrested in two different campus incidents in the south, the very same week that Michigan State Director David Ickes was cited for preaching on the sidewalks of atypical small town Michigan.

In the campus incidents, Cabinet Adviser and Eastern District Director Greg Davis was arrested on the Arkansas State University Campus in Beebe Arkansas. Evangelist Davis was preaching in the student union area of the campus, an obvious public forum, when he was interrupted by a female administrator of the University, Angie Tetty and told that he had to fill out a registration form in order to speak on campus. Brother Davis politely identified himself, and advised he would be willing to do that when he was finished with his message, or the dear lady could bring him one and he would fill it out on the spot. Brother Davis advised he was in the middle of a sermon, and had a good number of listeners, and that he would be glad to fill the form out once he was finished speaking. This kindness, and polite offer of cooperation was obvious not the anticipated response expected, nor the intent of the Administrator’s interruption of Evangelist Davis’s preaching. In response to his agreeing to fill one out if she would give it to him, she immediately called the police, obviously indicating that she just wanted to stop Brother Davis’s preaching. A female Campus police officer, along with a City of Beebe female officer arrived and advised Brother Davis that “it is time for you to leave”. In these two female police “person’s” arrest report, they stated that the “complainant advised subject was telling students they were going to hell. Complainant advised subject was wearing a black T-shirt with a white button that had ‘No Homos’ on it”. Brother Davis, being still the single man that he is arising from his openly wise discernment in such matters arising from the typical American female flight from Titus 2:3-5, politely advised the officers that he would like to speak with a male officer, and that he had the right to be there in front of the Student Center preaching. It is rumored that Brother Davis accidentally referred to one of the officers as ‘Sir’, which is being investigated by the Fellowship’s Unassociated Board of Contradictors as being the actual cause of the arrest, and not Brother Davis’s preaching (see The Manual). If this is proved to be a fact or a rumor, both will obviously be “cause shown” for Brother Davis to fall considerably in reputation and esteem amongst those that concern themselves with “whether it be right…” (see Acts 4:19).

Nevertheless, the Fellowship’s District Director was recorded in the arrest report as being “well groomed in appearance, with a military haircut, straight teeth, medium complexion and clean shaven with quiet speech and a polite demeanor and a medium voice.” He was subsequently arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest and Criminal Trespass. In effecting such arrest the female officers asked him to place his hands behind his back, and Brother Davis with camera in hand held them out in front of him, and was immediately handcuffed in front, and his camera confiscated. It is assumed, though not explained in the report, that Brother Davis’s inability to tell his front from his back was the justification for charging him with Resisting Arrest. However, this pseudo-dexlicit Nineveh maneuver (see Jonah 4:11) enabled Brother Davis to use his cell phone while riding in the prisoner cage of the police officer’s car, to call the Fellowship’s Director.

The following day, District Director Jason Storms was arrested on the campus of the University of Louisiana at New Orleans. Brother Storms had been daily ministering the word of God on this campus with good results, and attentive listeners, being in the area since before Mardi Gras. The police officer that arrested him gave Brother Storms no indication of any problem, complaint or illegal conduct. The officer just walked up and advised Brother Jason that “you are under arrest”, and took him away in handcuffs, leaving his pregnant wife amongst the crowd. The fellowship’s Unassociated Board of Contradictors and the Sissies for Christ Association will undoubtedly rule Brother Jason afoul of ‘The Manual’, for “wearing out his welcome” in New Orleans. Brother Jason’s arrest in New Orleans has already begun to cost the Fellowship money for purchasing extra cheese to go with the SCA’s whine about Brother Storms not going to jail for preaching but trying look like Paul and Barnabas and “long time therefore abode they speaking boldly” (Acts 14:3,28). After all, the Pro-life Deep South Tour was over, Mardi Gras was over, Ruben Israel had gone back to California, the Fellowship’s Director had gone home, all the attending state directors had gone home, even Mark Diener had gone home. All the preachers from New York were back home. Al Rodriguez and the Texas boys had gone home. Everyone went home...except…Brother and Mrs. Jason Storms. When asked what Brother Storms was still doing in New Orleans, SPF Director McRae replied, “Preaching!”
Being ordered to appear in court the next morning for his arraignment, Brother Jason complied, and sat with his wife for all of the morning, until everyone was gone but him. The court had no record that he was ever arrested, had no reports from the police officers about his arrest, and the court advised him that such happens often, and the officers just don’t file anything, and the matter is dropped. The clerk stamped his citation as having appeared, and advised Brother Jason “if you do not hear anything more from the court, just go on home to Wisconsin and forget about it!” Not in this country!
And not to give the appearance that the Deep South is the only place that persecutes preachers these days, the small town of Dundee, Michigan cited two young preacher boys for preaching on the sidewalks of the downtown area. The following Saturday, Michigan State Director David Ickes was cited for standing where they stood, and preaching the gospel. However, the local police do not consider church people gathering on the sidewalks, carrying Bibles, passing out gospel literature, singing hymns and expounding from the scriptures as anything that would resemble “preaching”. And obviously, neither do they consider such activity a Constitutional Right. They cited Brother David Ickes for Disturbing the Peace. So as per ‘The Sissies Manual’, See there, Brother Ickes was not preaching! The police said he was being loud and boisterous, and unreasonably disturbing people. He should have just stopped when told to do so……that way both the Sissies for Christ, their Manual, the Police officers, the devil and Brother Ickes would then all be in agreement…He Really Wasn’t Preaching……anymore!

“If you cannot see the cowardly hypocrisy in that
bunch of nonsensical reasoning,
Do Not Apply for Membership to this Fellowship.”
- The Director