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Charges Dropped Against Indianapolis Four

Indianapolis- All criminal charges were dropped without explanation against four SPF members arrested May 24, 2003, while preaching at the Indy 500 parade in downtown Indianapolis. Fellowship Director Ron McRae, with Bruce Perrault, Stephen McRae and Daniel Gowen had returned to Indianapolis for the first of many expected hearings, stemming from their arrests for Disorderly Conduct and Impeding Traffic (see…link). Gearing up for a long court fight, the SPF members had traveled back to Indianapolis to appear before the Superior Court in Courtroom Number 11 as ordered in their Personal Recognizance Bond, upon their release from the Marion County Jail after being arrested for refusing a policeman’s order to not say the name of Jesus Christ again in the City of Indianapolis. Officer Mark Rand of the IPD had advised Director McRae, “If I hear the name of Jesus Christ again out of your mouth, I am going to arrest you and put you in jail.”
Entering Superior Courtroom Number 11, the four SPF members immediately sat on the front row, and awaited as the Court Clerk called all the names of the cases to be heard before the Court that day. Howbeit, none of their names were called with the other 57 defendants in the Courtroom. Shortly thereafter, the Clerk called them outside and gave them a motion from the Prosecutor’s Office advising the Court, “Comes now the State of Indiana and hereby notifies the Court that the State is not filing charges in the above captioned case(s).” The Notice of Charging Decision was signed by the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. Said the Court Clerk, “You Gentlemen are free to go home.” The police department released the Director’s digital camera, along with the pictures from the parade just prior to the arrests, and after a short stop at the Federal Courthouse, the Indianapolis four headed home.

“And being let go, they went to their own company,
and reported all that the chief priests and elders
had said unto them.”
-Acts 4:23

Director McRae preaching to the multitudes
Downtown Indianapolis

Bruce Perrault continues the preaching when police stop
Director McRae and NY State Director Kevin Deegan

Daniel Gowen preaches at Memorial Circle

“Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars hill,
and said Ye men of Athens…” –Acts 17:22

Director McRae “expounding” to Officer C.J. White
“the way of God more perfectly”. –Acts 18:26

Stephen McRae preaching to standing room only.