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Mission Statement

The Street Preachers’ Fellowship is a voluntary ministerial fellowship of Street Preachers’, called of God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in the open air, in strict obedience to the scriptures while balancing the same as being “subject unto the higher powers” (Romans 13:1). The purpose of the Fellowship is three fold.

  1. Establish a strict set of Biblical and Legal standards for ministerial conduct, of which God does bless, the Bible teaches, and which the Courts will be compelled to accept and recognize by both Constitutional mandate, Case Law rulings, and professional encounters with Ministers of God that have the character, strength and wisdom of a Street Preaching pro se lawyer (Titus 3:13), with courage enough to love Jesus Christ and walk herein (Acts 24:10/ 26:2).
  2. Provide God authored, and Biblically based training, discipline and education in the scriptural and legal requirements of preaching the word of God in the open air to folks who do not want to hear it, amidst law enforcement personnel who may not care to uphold the right to do so; and provide every Fellowship member with up to date legal briefings, case law, court rulings and training to utilize all, in the defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ in both the open air and the courts of justice.
  3. Provide expert testimony, pro se legal counsel, and overwhelming court room support to each Fellowship member facing the outward testimony of a God honoring street ministry of Pauline proportions, when the Street Preacher’s daily walk with Christ is sealed “in prisons more frequent” (2 Corinthians 11:23).