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Membership Requirements

The following requirements are mandatory for all members accepted into the Street Preachers’ Fellowship.
1. Each person wishing to join the Fellowship must first submit an application to the Assistant Director of Membership Standards.

2. Each applicant shall be a born again child of God, having repented of his ungodliness, and turned to God through the faith that is in Jesus Christ as our Lord and only Saviour.

3. Each applicant must be a member of a non-charismatic, New Testament local church that would adhere to the written Doctrinal Principles governing the Street Preachers’ Fellowship.

4. Each applicant must submit with his application the $100 yearly dues as established by the Fellowship.

5. Each member must voluntarily abide by the Fellowship’s Street Minister’s Creed in his daily Christian life, and open air preaching.

6. Each member shall actively participate in an open air, street preaching ministry on a monthly basis, and seek to support his State Chapter in its quarterly meetings, and remain abreast of all training and legal information published by the Fellowship.

7. Each member must willfully and actively seek to incorporate the Biblical and legal disciplines taught by the Fellowship into his particular open air ministration.

To apply for membership, please fill out this application and send it in.