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WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Street Preachers’ Fellowship traveled again to the Nation’s capital to preach to the NOW Parade of rebellious women, made up of 250,000 witches, whores, wackos and weight lifters who failed at being women.Read More
JOHNSTOWN, PA- The Street Preachers’ Fellowship won several rounds in various Federal Courts during the months of May and June, which gave the SPF Counsel of Record their first taste of reward for their “work and labour of love, which they have shewed toward God’s name, in that they have ministered to the saints, and do minister” (Hebrew 7:10) in fighting the battles of God in the Courts of Justice. Read More
NEW ORLEANS- Members of the Street Preachers’ Fellowship again converged upon New Orleans, Louisiana the week end of February 20 -21 for the annual drunken Catholic whoremongers’ riot, to “cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before” God (Jonah 1:2). Read More
HOUSTON, TX- SPF members traveled to Houston, Texas the first weekend in February to preach to the “lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God” (2 Timothy 3:4) attending the 2004 Super Bowl, and neither the preachers nor the “lovers of pleasures” were disappointed. Read More
LONDON- SPF members crossed the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, November 5th landing in London’s Heathrow Airport for the beginning of a nine day preaching circuit of the United Kingdom, including Wales and Scotland.Read More
WASHIGNTON, DC- Members of the Street Preachers’ Fellowship traveled to Washington, D.C. the last weekend of October to preach to approximately 60,000 “falsely so-called” Peace Activists marching on Washington to demonstrate that though “peace” and “love” were on their protest signs...Read More
INDIANAPOLIS- The SPF Counsel of Record filed suit Thursday, October 15, 2003 in Federal District Court over the May 24th arrests of four SPF members in downtown Indianapolis, who were preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to approximately 300,000 people gathered at the Indy 500 parade... Read More
STARKE, FLORIDA- SPF Assistant Director Ruben Israel and World Wide Director Ron McRae, along with Texas State Director Al Rodriguez traveled to Starke, Florida to preach at the execution of convicted murderer Paul Hill on Wednesday, September 3, 2003, and were received with the usual anticipated hatred... Read More
INDIANAPOLIS- All criminal charges were dropped without explanation against four SPF members arrested May 24, 2003, while preaching at the Indy 500 parade in downtown Indianapolis. Fellowship Director Ron McRae, with Bruce Perrault, Stephen McRae and Daniel Gowen had... Read More
INDIANAPOLIS- Four SPF members were arrested and jailed by Indianapolis Police, during the Indy 500 parade, on Saturday May 24, 2003. Fellowship Director Ron McRae, along with members Bruce Perrault from New York... Read More
Johnstown, PA- Several members were arrested for their Open Air preaching over the last week, in three different states, highlighting the importance of, as well as the guidance of God in the timing of the organization of the Street Preachers Fellowship. Both Eastern District Directors were arrested in two different... Read More
The Street Preachers Fellowship conducted its first statewide meeting in Salt Lake City Utah April 3rd and 4th at the Bible Baptists Church of Salt Lake City. State Director Lonnie Purciful, pastor of the Wilderness Baptist Church of Duchesne, Utah coordinated the meeting...Read More
MOBILE, ALABAMA- Street preachers from all over the United States converged upon Mobile, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana for the Most Asinine Riotously Depraved Infidel’s Gay Rebellion And Sin festival of the year... Read More