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SPF Preachers Exhort
The National Organization of Wackos, Witches & Whores

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Street Preachers’ Fellowship traveled again to the Nation’s capital to preach to the NOW Parade of rebellious women, made up of 250,000 witches, whores, wackos and weight lifters who failed at being women. No commentary is needed to describe the ridiculous onslaught of failed feminism that marched through the streets of Washington, D.C. trying to be anything but a “Lady”.

“Take the millstones, and grind meal:
uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh…
Thy nakedness shall be uncovered,
Yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance,
And will not meet thee as a man…
For thou shalt no more be called, The Lady.”
- Isaiah 47:2-5

And while 99% of all the pastors in and around the nation’s capital did nothing, 250,000 of the liberal swine of female rebellion paraded down the middle of the streets of D.C., cursing, swearing, taking God’s name in vain, stripping their clothes off, and routinely smelling up the nation’s capital with their filthiness, whoredom and rebellion. With riot police in full body armour standing between, the SPF preachers confronted the mass of rebellious, loud mouthed riff raff that has produced the largest nation of sodomites the world has ever known.

Michigan Statewide Director David Ickes
Calling Down Sin to Supporters of John Kerry

New York’s Bruce Perrault & Texan Al Rodriguez

Seven Street Preachers, One Lady & 10,000 “My Body’s My Own”
Daniel Gowen Preaching

SPF Michigan’s Josiah Young

SPF North Carolina’s Dean Moore Preaching Across the Human Wave

NOW Up Close with Texas Statewide Director Al Rodriguez Preaching

30 minutes after being struck four times and knocked to sidewalk, Ruben Israel Turning the Cheek to Keep Preaching

SPF Director McRae Pointing Out Sin with the Bible

Looking for a Lady?

See the Difference Christ makes?
Grandma McRae